MSG and Processed Meats: A Love Story

When you’re enjoying that family or company picnic this Summer, you may want to steer clear of the cold cuts.


MSG & The Holidays

For those of us with an MSG allergy, the holiday season can be challenging when you’re enjoying yourself at holiday parties or at a wonderful holiday meal with friends and family.

Life With A Soy Allergy…Oy!

Did you know that many manufacturers of processed meats add Soy as a filler? If you experience allergic reactions to MSG, you’re also allergic to Soy and Whey – which makes processed meats a no-no.

MSG In Fresh Fruits and Vegetables? Oh Hell No!

In an earlier post on pasta sauces, I told you that MSG is naturally occurring in tomatoes. But I also discovered that the EPA has approved the use of MSG as a treatment method for crop growers. Which means, the fresh fruits and veggies you but have been sprayed with free glutamic acid.