Stop Eating Hummus…Now!

wp-1480681507254.jpegI fell in love with Hummus just a few months ago. Amazingly, I’d never tried it before! And immediately I was smitten. I loved the garlic or roasted pepper varieties — paired with crunchy pita chips or crackers. It was my new yummy favorite snack, or dinner, if I wasn’t very hungry. I thought it was the healthiest thing I could ever eat.

Little did I know it was the worst thing I could ever eat. Turns out Hummus is loaded with MSG — in the form of Soy fillers like the dreaded Soy Lecithin.

I checked several brands, including Sabra, (the most popular brand on the market right now), as well as store brands by Trader Joe’s and Fairway, and they all contained Soy Lecithin and/or maltodextrin or Guar gum — all MSG reaction triggers.

Soy Lecithin, if you’ll remember from my previous post, “What is Soy Lecithin and Why is it in just about everything,” is an additive widely used to create a creamy consistency in food products. It’s actually the waste product left over after Soybeans are processed, and used in literally thousands of food products including dairy products, like margarine, and in most chocolate candies. In margarine, it’s used to prevent the oils and water from separating.

It is also lethal to anyone with an MSG allergy.

So now my favorite new snack is out of my life forever. It was delicious while it lasted. 🙂

Knowledge is power!


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