If You Get Sick Every Time You Eat Ice Cream, This May Be Why

I’ve loved ice cream since I was a kid. Back then I thought a bland vanilla was the greatest thing ever. As I got older, my tastes varied — from vanilla chocolate chip to lime sherbet to dulce de leche to cherry vanilla to cookies and cream. I loved it all.

Even before discovering my MSG allergy in January 2014, I noticed that each and every time I’d eat ice cream, I’d become violently ill. It wasn’t until researching for this blog that I discovered that much of what’s included in most of the ice cream brands on the market is just plain bad.

Like most dairy products, ice cream products containing carrageenan, guar gum, and/or locust bean gum. Remember, if ANY of these are present, so is MSG!

No fat and low fat ice creams are also absolutely to be avoided. In an earlier post, I told you about how milk processed under high temperatures are lethal to anyone with an MSG allergy, and are harmful to even those who do not.

I get violently ill anytime I eat either Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs. My stomach simply cannot tolerate either brand. And I am NOT lactose intolerant. The discomfort I feel is quite different from what I experience from say, a dish prepared with a spice that contains MSG. With that, it’s a terrible headache and shortness of breath. My reaction to eating those two brands of ice cream mimic many of the symptoms of being lactose intolerant — stomach pains, diarrhea. Not pleasant at all.

Two brands that I can eat without feeling sick afterwards are Baskin-Robbins and Edy’s. Keep away from dietetic, fat free and low fat ice creams. They are also sure to cause a reaction as well.

Even if the label says all natural, don’t take for granted that it is. Remember, MSG does occur naturally in some foods. Check your labels!

Knowledge is power!

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  1. I suffer from migraines. The main reason is that I am MSG intolerant. I also get headaches from anti-fungal and cold medicines.

    For my (what use to be chronic) athletes foot, I use hand lotion–Vasaline Intensive Care, unscented, but I imagine most will do the same (I just don’t want to take the risk when I find something that works). I learned this from my boss who is a runner. He recommended baby oil.
    Ever since, when I feel the itch here or there, I use it and it disappears quickly.
    I suppose that it may be that I naturally have dry skin, but open cracks in my skin under and between my small toes when left untreated. Also this type of itch, in tight sweaty places, seems different from the dry skin itch elsewhere.

    As far as colds go, I seem to get a tickle in my throat first. The obvious advice is not to wait, but tackle it as soon as you notice. I gargle with Listerine because it is more convenient than warm salt water. At night I often sleep with a sugar-free Strepsils lozenges/lozengers to control the tickle. These are antiseptic as well being anesthetic, unlike what is typically sold in the local pharmacy, and they don’t give me a headache. I learned about Strepsils while living in the Middle East, but it appears they are sold throughout Europe. They can be purchased on-line.

    Please feel free to anything I have written in order to advise your readers.

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