Oh No….Not Applesauce Too!

I’d received a few e-mails in the last few months asking if applesauce contained MSG. So I did some research.

I looked at the most popular brands on the market, Motts and Musselman’s. Both brands offered simple ingredients of apples and water. They each also offered identical, and troubling ingredients of high fructose corn syrup and added sugar. High fructose corn syrup is of course linked to obesity.

Another troubling ingredient is AscorbicĀ Acid, which is used to maintain color. Ascorbic Acid is a fancy name for Vitamin C.  Where the confusion comes in is — and why many people believe applesauce contains MSG — is because Vitamin C can trigger migraines in some people, like me, who are prone to migraines. If you’re eating applesauce and have suffered a migraine headache afterwards, it was not caused by MSG.

So, the good news is that neither Motts or Musselman’s lists any MSG allergy triggering ingredients. But you should be aware of the added sugar in each, and if you’re a migraine sufferer, you may experience a reaction due to the inclusion of Ascorbic Acid.

If you are a fan of a different applesauce brand, take a look at the label and compare your favorite’s ingredients to the ones listed here.

Knowledge is power.