Life With A Soy Allergy…Oy!

In January of 2014, I discovered I was allergic to MSG. Through my research on Monosodium Glutamate, I discovered it was a free protein, which meant I was also allergic to Soy — which was devastating, because I loved to drink fresh fruit protein shakes with Soy milk and an added shot of protein powder.

Those days are now over.

In addition to that, I also had to remove many other different things from my diet, such as processed meats. What I realized was if I had an MSG allergy, it also meant that I was allergic to Soy.

Did you know that many manufacturers of processed meats add Soy as a filler? My favorite processed meats were turkey ham and turkey breast. Most of the brands out there include Soy. Other foods that contain Soy are, crackers, some low-fat peanut butters, sauces, various baked goods, many broths, canned tuna, cookies, protein bars and snacks such as trail mix. All of them were regularly a part of my diet, and in a six- month time period, I removed them all. It wasn’t easy but the effects that eating these things had on my body gave me no other choice.

I will still use Soy sauce on my sushi, however, just drops of it. If I use any more than that, I’m guaranteed a headache the next morning. I also follow it with a lot of water and fresh brewed, hot green tea.

The ironic thing is that shortly before I discovered my Soy allergy, I was planning to switch to Soy milk from regular dairy milk. The most difficult thing for me was removing tuna fish from my diet. Yes, canned tuna fish is a no-no with an MSG or Soy allergy. Removing processed meats was difficult as well, but far more difficult for me was the lower back pain and stiffness I would have after eating any. I had no idea that the debilitating back pain I suffered during the Summer of 2014 and the discomfort in the years prior to that, was directly linked to the cold sandwiches I’d enjoyed on those summer days when it was just too hot to cook.

I’ve had no issues with chicken in my diet — as long as it’s not prepackaged with seasoning or processed. I cook chicken quite often and avoid using any seasonings that I know feature monosodium glutamate among its ingredients.

Other than the occasional Soy sauce on sushi, I have effectively eliminated Soy from my diet. Initially, it was extremely difficult because I was still researching and learning what contained what. I’m amazed everyday by what I continue to learn by checking out the labels. It’s quite sobering when I think of the years and years these foods were in my diet — and I was poisoning myself with them.

It is my pleasure to continue to share my findings with you.

Knowledge is power.

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