SPECIAL REPORT: Campbell’s Removes MSG From Chicken Soup Recipe

In a victory for lovers of Campbell’s popular chicken soup, and everyone with an MSG allergy, the company today announced it has changed its ingredients — removing Monosodium Glutamate and Maltodextrin from its recipe.

Last summer, I reported that Campbell’s was removing MSG from its chicken and alphabet soups. But today’s announcement regarding changes to the chicken soup recipe was far more sweeping.

campbellschickensoupThe new recipe now contains basic ingredients found in your kitchen. Not only did the company remove the two flavor-enhancing (and allergy-triggering) additives from its recipe, it also removed onions, celery, artificial chicken flavoring, vegetable oil, along with three other known MSG allergy inducers, soybean oil, soy isolate, and soy lecithin.

The new chicken soup recipe will roll out when Campbell’s releases the cans designed to tie into the release of the new Star Wars film in a couple of weeks.

The good news is that Campbell’s has taken note of certain dietary issues, and just how health conscious many Americans have become and altered their recipe to reflect that.

Campbell’s chicken soup now contains just twenty basic ingredients.

It is my hope that they will expand these changes to include their entire soup line. As someone who enjoyed Campbell’s soups for years — and later had to eliminate them from her diet, after discovering an allergy to soy and MSG, it is a very hopeful sign of changes to come.