An MSG-Free Diet. Is It Even Possible?

A little over a year ago, when I discovered my MSG allergy, I began to do a lot of research, in addition to drastically changing my diet.

The first things to be eliminated were processed meats, followed by most packaged snack foods, all items containing soy and even yogurt, which had been a staple in my diet for decades.

Keeping MSG out of my diet is an ongoing process. What amazes me is just how much I continue to discover about just how many foods contain MSG, either as an additive or as naturally occurring.

Changing one’s diet to avoid MSG poisoning isn’t easy.  Most would say, “Okay, I’ll just cut out Chinese food.” But it goes way beyond that. And while I still enjoy Asian cuisine, I’m very, very careful about what I eat and where I go.

Here are some things to note if you’re trying to keep MSG out of your diet:

– Fresh fruits and vegetables are safe.
– Canned Tuna Fish, Salmon, etc. almost always contain MSG in some form.  Check labels to be certain. It should be noted that fresh tuna and fresh salmon do not contain MSG.
– Chicken and turkey are safe only if it is fresh. Many brand-name chickens and turkeys have been injected with Hydrolyzed Protein! Beware of Butterball and Perdue.
– Basic cereals like oatmeal, Cheerios and Shredded Wheat and Farina are safe.
– Cake mixes almost always contain MSG (see my previous post on this).
– Almost all canned and frozen soups contain MSG.
– Most of the common grocery store salad dressings, especially Ranch dressing, contain MSG. The ONLY exceptions to this are gourmet dressings and Newman’s Own.
– All yogurt and most cottage cheeses contain MSG.
– Imported Italian cheeses are safe.  Others sometimes contain MSG under whey protein.
– Bakery items filled with fruit normally contain MSG.
– Meats, steaks, and roasts are usually safe if they have been cut at the store. But frozen, pre-formed burgers usually contain MSG.

Last year, AFTER discovering I had an MSG allergy, I ended up being poisoned FIVE times in just three months! This made me work even harder at watching labels and doing more research.

Just about FIVE months into 2015 I’ve only experienced one bout with MSG poisoning.

Whenever you’re at the grocery store, get into the habit of checking labels on everything. KNOW the ingredients to watch out for! (See my previous blog posts). Educating yourself and paying close attention to food labels will go a long way in keeping you healthy and MSG free.

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