Don’t Have It Your Way

Fast food restaurants like Burger King, are loaded with items containing MSG. Now let me begin by saying, I LOVE Burger King. Their Whopper is my kryptonite.  Hamburgers are safe for the most part, but other items on the menu, including salads should be avoided.

If you’re allergic to MSG, you should be sure to avoid ANY chicken items for starters  — no matter which fast food restaurant you visit.

Here’s a list of the menu items to avoid at Burger King:

Breaded Chicken Patty
Spicy Chicken Patty
Breaded Tendercrisp Chicken
Chicken Tenders
BK Chicken Fries
Garden Veggie Patty  (contains hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat – which contains free glutamate)
Sausage Patty

ALWAYS avoid ranch dressing — even if it says organic. Two to avoid on Burger King’s menu are:

Ranch dipping sauce
Ken’s Fat Free Ranch Dressing

If you decide on a salad, avoid croutons.

Also, avoid their ice cream sundaes and milkshakes, which contain Whey powder, Carageenan and nonfat milk. Remember, if Whey powder and Carageenan are included in the list of ingredients, it means MSG is present.

And finally, anyone with an MSG allergy should also avoid their French fries, cooked in Soybean Oil, and containing Rice Flour and the filler Xanthan Gum.

On the upside, you can enjoy their burgers, which don’t contain the MSG associated ingredients that their chicken and veggie burgers do.

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