KFC & MSG: Not What Colonel Sanders Had in Mind

Late last summer, I had lunch at KFC. I got way more than I bargained for.

Hours later, my symptoms of a migraine, nausea and shortness of breath were all the evidence I needed that I’d been MSG poisoned. My $5.00 lunch sent me to bed, sick, in the middle of the day, on a beautiful summer afternoon.

After that, I decided to do a bit of research. As it turns out, KFC is one of the WORST of all fast food chains when it comes to adding MSG to its foods. Their entire menu is filled with it — their chicken and ALL of their side dishes.

Nothing on KFC’s entire menu of chicken and sides — yes, including vegetables —  can be consumed by anyone with an MSG allergy .

The KFC offerings with the highest MSG content include Chicken Pot Pie, Colonel’s Sauce, Extra Crispy Tenders, Extra Crispy Boneless Chicken — Dark and White Meat, and, of course, the trademark Original and Extra Crispy Chicken. Also to note, the “special seasonings” used on their chicken. Remember, seasonings ALWAYS contain MSG.

The following items on KFC’s menu include MSG:

– KFC Famous Bowls – Rice with Gravy
– Rice
– String Beans
– Seasoned Rice
– Macaroni and Cheese
– KFC Snacker — Chicken
– KFC Snacker – Honey BBQ
– Honey BBQ Sandwich
– Double Crunch Sandwich
– Crispy Twister
– Oven Roasted Twister
– Colonel’s Crispy Strips
– Popcorn Chicken
– Chicken Pot Pie
– Boneless BBQ Wings
– Boneless Fiery Buffalo Wings
– Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings
– Hot Wings

Restaurant chains don’t place signage in their restaurants that their foods contain MSG because they’re not required to do so.  If you visit KFC’s company web site, you’ll be hard pressed to find “MSG” in their list of ingredients, but you should note that food companies are able to hide MSG under other names like Autolyzed Yeast, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein, Textured Protein, and Yeast Extract.

Knowledge is power.

In the next post I’ll discuss some other fast food chains to beware of.