Pain, Stiffness and An MSG Allergy

This past summer, I experienced lower back pain, along with pain and stiffness in my legs that made getting up from chairs, or even out of bed, painful. I’d attributed it to some major surgery that I underwent back in 2011.

But in doing research on the migraine headaches I’d started experiencing at the time, I found that not only were the migraines a symptom of MSG poisoning, but the terrible pain and stiffness in my legs and lower back were as well.

What I discovered was the processed meats I had been eating last summer were the source of my discomfort. During the warm summer months, when cooking becomes an unwanted chore — especially in a hot apartment, cold sandwiches were the way to go.

By August the pain and stiffness was unbearable, and I began looking for a reason why this pain and stiffness was so bad.

It turned out that the Turkey Ham and Turkey Breast from my local deli were the reasons — along with the swelling I now had in my legs and hands.

Processed lunch meats and cheeses, in addition to being high in sodium, contain MSG, along with Bacon and Ham, which contain sulfates. An almost bigger shock was that another favorite summer staple, canned tuna and canned salmon also had MSG.

I’ve removed all of them from my diet and the pain and stiffness I experienced has disappeared.

Also eliminated from my diet: yogurt, another big summer staple.

As I continue to investigate and discover more foods with MSG in them, I’ll pass them on to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them. I’d love to hear from you!